learning lovingly together with your child

Our Philosophy

We believe in lifelong parent-child co-learning as we share educational challenges, tips and tricks to promote learning together with your child.

How it works?

  1. Install Acekids app in both your mobile phone and your child’s mobile/tablet device.
  2. Everyday, Acekids sends a question to both yours and Child mobile where you both answer individually.
  3. Acekids updates you if your Child answered correctly.
  4. Correct – encourage your Child with a STAR.
  5. Wrong – YOU are your Child’s best teacher.

You know your Child’s progress by learning together

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a Question a Day
grade 1 / primary 1 math question

Grade 1 / Primary 1 Math

grade 2 / primary 2 math question

Grade 2 / Primary 2 Math

grade 3 / primary 3 math question

Grade 3 / Primary 3 Math

Experience the joy of learning

Experience the joy of learning!

acekids android download
acekids iphone download

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